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The Ultimate Super Bowl Wine Pairings

When the biggest football event of the year rolls around, you got to have your food and beverage game ready. This goes whether you’re the host or the guest. Now, beer might be the traditional go-to for any football game. But, as we know, there’s always room for wine, and that’s even something that even big-time NFL stars agree with. With these stellar Super Bowl wine pairings, you’ll jazz up the flavor of your game day spread in a way that everyone will love, no matter what team they’re rooting for.

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Chardonnay and Chips & Dip

Chips and dip is as classic as party snacks get. It’s versatile, cheesy, and straight-up delicious. Whether you go spinach artichoke or black bean with lots of gooey cheddar cheese, Chardonnay pairs up with ease. The bright acidity of Chardonnay is just made for creamy dishes, as it cuts through the richness of the cheese, making every scoop taste better.

fully loaded nachos with dip

Pinot Grigio and Nachos

There’s nothing like a plate of fully loaded nachos, especially one topped with guacamole. Every bite gives you a little bit of everything – crispy chips, beans, pico de gallo, and maybe even some spicy ground beef if you fancy it. With so much going on in nachos, it may seem like a challenge to pair them with wine. But, have no fear – Pinot Grigio is here to help you scarf down as many nachos as you please.

The zesty character of Pinot Grigio is like lime for your nachos – it enhances all the flavor. Plus, Pinot Grigio is usually dry and its flavors can range from citrus and apple to almost tropical. Consider it like the margarita of wines – no matter which flavors you prefer, it will probably taste great with your nachos.Barbecue whole chicken wings on the grilll

Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbecue Wings

Wings come in all different styles and flavors. But, when it comes to those sticky and smoky barbecue wings – look no further than a Cabernet Sauvignon to keep up with these bold flavors. This may be a surprising Super Bowl wine pairing. But, the dark fruit and herbal-spice-driven character that Cabernet Sauvignon brings to the table compliment good ole BBQ wings.

It’s important to note that, while Cabernet Sauvignon works with slightly sweeter and smokier BBQ sauces, it is not a great wine pairing for spicy barbecue wings. Buffalo wings, for example, will overwhelm and compete with Cabernet Sauvignon, leading your palate to feel a little overwhelmed. If you have a preference for spicy wings, try pairing them with something lighter and sweeter (such as a prosecco, Lambrusco, or even a riesling.)


Champagne and Deviled Eggs

When in doubt, drink champagne. It does manage to go with nearly everything. What it really goes well with, though, are deviled eggs.

Deviled eggs have a creamy and piquant nature that is quite the match for brut champagne. The crispness of the bubbly goodness balances out the creaminess, while also mingling with the tangy, almost spiciness of the deviled eggs. Make sure you pick out brut champagne (rather than an extra brut or brut nature) as you’ll need a little more sweetness to cater to the spice in your deviled eggs.

Sauvignon Blanc and Loaded Potato Skins

Salty and delicious, loaded potato skins are a special game-day appetizer no one can turn down, especially when paired with a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The dry and refreshing acidity of Sauvignon Blanc begs to be paired with salty snacks. It begs, even more, to be enjoyed with salty and cheesy snacks, like loaded potato skins. Sauvignon Blanc’s citrusy character washes down potato skins just as well as any beer would.

freshly cooked pulled pork

Zinfandel and Pulled Pork

Pulled pork sammies, pulled pork tacos, pulled pork just by itself – there are so many ways that pulled pork finds its way onto the game day table. Whichever way it is, make sure you have a glass of Zinfandel to savor it with.

Many often overlook the acidity in Zinfandel – a good Zinfandel has remarkable acidity that makes it pair beautifully with juicy cuts of meat (like a nice fatty piece of pulled pork!) Even better, Zinfandel’s concentrated fruit flavors coat and compliment pulled pork just as the perfect sauce would. And, we can’t forget about how Zinfandel’s seductive aromas of sweet spice make smoky, juicy pulled pork just taste like pure bliss.

Are you feeling ready for all the game-day festivities this Sunday? With these Super Bowl wine pairings, you’ll be as good as gold whether you’re the host or the guest.