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Why You Should Join a Wine Club, Now

Wine lovers rejoice – wine clubs exist to make your life a whole lot easier. Less time shopping, more time sipping on the wines you love, delivered right to your door. It may sound all too good and easy. But, we are here to assure you that wine clubs offer an extensive amount of benefits that you don’t want to miss out on.

6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Wine Club

It’s wine straight to your door, duh!

Wine clubs are loved for one precise reason – they deliver wine straight to your door. The best part is usually the wine club price is set –  you choose the type of shipment you want and how regularly you want it. Typically, wine club subscriptions are delivered on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. However, wine clubs are all unique in their shipment options.

You pick the wines you want

When you sign up for a wine club, you’re guaranteed wine on whatever basis you signed up for.  Wine clubs come in various formats, making it simple to customize your membership to your liking. Many wine clubs let you pick your subscriptions on wine type, origin, varietal, or even winemaking style. That’s the beauty of there being so many wine clubs – you can really find the one that offers the wines you want.

Pro-tip is to always check if your favorite winery has a wine club – chances are they do!

You can really have fun with a wine club membership. And, once you sign up and pay – your wines will end up right at your door. No need to head to the store!

Domenico Winery wine club shipment

It’s an opportunity to show your favorite wineries support

Wineries offer wine clubs so that their customers can always have access to their wines. More than that, wine clubs are actually one of the most efficient ways to support your favorite wineries.

When you purchase a bottle at a wine shop, the money isn’t going right into the winemaker’s hands. You’re paying for the supply chain that gets your wine to the shop. This isn’t a bad thing, of course. Supporting local wine shops is very important. But, if you want to consistently support wineries you love and help them stay in business, a wine club is one of the best ways to do so.

Signing up for a winery’s wine club means the world to winemakers. It reminds them that they have loyal customers who value the work they’re doing. And, that’s exactly why winery wine clubs come with perks – it’s the winery’s way to say thank you!

Joining a winery’s wine club also personalizes your relationship with these wine producers. You will be able to immediately receive their latest releases. And, with all the membership benefits, you’ll feel more inclined to visit whenever you can and enjoy more wine where your wines were made.

You get more than just wine

One of the main reasons why you should join a wine club is the perks. Let’s be real – we all love perks. And, wine clubs have surely become masters at the benefits we like.

With such a diversity of wine clubs, the perks can range. That goes from tote bags to free winery visits, even. Larger wine clubs will extend discounts on other products, memberships, or with affiliate businesses. Sometimes, they love to toss in some complimentary wine glasses too.

When it comes to winery wine clubs, it’s all about the experience. Typically, wine club members enjoy complimentary tastings for themselves and their guests. Even better, wineries give members exclusive access to new wine releases or limited edition releases that the public may never see.

Wine Club Members at a wine tasting

They are a no-brainer gift

Wine clubs are one of the most no-hassle gifts. You give your wine-loving friend access to multiple bottles of wine, without them having to move a finger. Many wine clubs make it simple to purchase gift subscriptions, and usually have a ‘make it a gift’ option. This may even include special gift wrapping and a little bonus, like matching wine glasses.

Now, signing up a person for a wine club might seem a little risky as you don’t know if they’ll like the wines or want a long-term shipment of wine (but who wouldn’t?) That’s why many wine clubs do offer one-time wine club subscriptions, to give them a taste of all the wine they could be enjoying!

So, are you still wondering why you should join a wine club? After these 6 reasons, we bet we have you convinced. Wine clubs surely make our wine-loving lives easier. Why? Because they keep the wine coming, of course!

Domenico Winery makes it easy for customers to sip their wines consistently. They offer quarterly shipments of their Cal-Italia wines, with various options to pick from and no annual fees. Did we mention the long list of awesome membership benefits too?