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A Gorgeous Glass of Springtime Wine

Best Wines for Springtime

Spring has sprung! Better weather coming our way means more excellent excuses to get outdoors and drink wine. To really savor the Spring, there’s nothing better than drinking wines that really match the season. The best wines for Springtime complement the ease of a Spring day – they’re light, refreshing, and just as welcoming as a Spring breeze.

We’re providing you with the key wine types to keep an eye out for this Spring, along with specific wines to add to your shopping list. With these wines, you’ll make every gorgeous Spring day a little extra breezy.

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Sauvignon Blanc

It’s fresh, it’s herbal, and it’s bright – it’s the beloved Sauv Blanc! This wine is adored for a reason. Sauvignon Blanc is lively and citrus-driven, with an earthiness that leaves a little more wonder to your glass. All these aspects match Spring perfectly, from the fresh seasonal herbs to the warmer temperatures – all of which make you crave a glass of white wine with thirst-quenching acidity. And, that’s Sauvignon Blanc.

Domenico Winery’s 2020 Sauvignon Blanc is mineral and crisp, which juicy grapefruit and honeysuckle aromas that just scream Spring!


This Southern Italian white wine deserves more spotlight than it gets. Falanghina is an ancient varietal, loved by the Romans and cultivated not too far from the idyllic Amalfi Coast. This easy-going Italian grape makes wines full of honey blossom, citrus, and orchard fruit flavors. All these refreshing tasting notes make Falanghina way too easy to sip on a gorgeous Spring day, especially paired with some delicious salumi and formaggi.

Historia Antiqua’s Irpinia Falanghina is grown in high altitudes in Irpinia, a historic winemaking region in Campania, Italy. The soils in this region are excellent for Falanghina, allowing this grape to develop into the bright wine that it is, with aromas just as fresh and floral as Spring.


Summer isn’t the only time for rosé. Springtime is perfect for rosé, especially on those warm breezy days. A chilled glass of pretty pink juice can provide the relief you need after a long workday or as a colorful complement to a cozy weekend picnic.

Of course, rosé can be made with all different grape varieties, boasting different styles, flavors, and wine colors. So, what rosé should you look for in the Springtime?

2020 Domenico Winery Rosé is a wonderful pick. It is a dry rosé with berry flavors that would compliment any salad or light Spring lunch.

Pinot Noir

There’s nothing like sipping on a chillable red in Springtime. Pinot Noir, which has long been served chilled by the French themselves, is a no-brainer chillable red pick. It has the red fruit, earthiness, and crispness to compliment a SpDomenico Pinot Noirring breeze, while also carrying enough structure to please any wine drinker’s craving for something red.

2018 Domenico Winery Pinot Noir is a medium-bodied Pinot that stands out. Its round body and red cherry-raspberry aromas are very refreshing when served with a slight chill.


Looking for a chillable red that isn’t something you’ve likely heard of before? Well, say hello to Ciliegiolo. This Italian grape hails from Tuscany, although it is commonly grown in Umbria and the coastal region of Liguria as well. This grape makes wines just like its name – Ciliegiolo comes from the word for ‘cherry’ in Italian, and that’s just the flavors this wine boasts. Ciliegiolo is fresh, cherry-driven, and very easy to drink. It’s a great match for a salad or delicious bowl of tomato-based pasta.

2015 Domenico Winery Ciliegiolo is a soft wine with bright acidity and earthy, cherry aromas. It’s the perfect pizza wine!

Sparkling Wines Galore!

When in doubt, go for bubbles. Seriously, it is hard to find something more refreshing than a glass of sparkling wine on a sun-drenched spring day. And, even if the April showers strike – good sparkling wine is like sunshine in a bottle. A few sips and you’ll feel absolutely golden from the inside out.

HAQ Brut RoséNow, of course, there are tons of sparkling wines out there to indulge in. You can find plenty of white sparkling and rosé sparkling on shelves, but which one to pick? When it comes to white sparkling wines – if you want to treat yourself – go for a Blanc de Blanc champagne. Made entirely of white grapes (aka Chardonnay,) Blanc de Blanc champagnes are balanced, mineral, and irresistibly delicious.

On the rosé sparkling side, there’s a wine we bet you haven’t tried – HAQ Brut rosé. It is a splendid Italian sparkling wine, made from Aglianico grapes. It’s juicy, floral, and unlike any sparkling wine you’ve ever had.

We hope that you dazzle up your seasonal wine selection with one of these best wines for Springtime. They all have just the freshness and flair to enhance any of your Spring plans.

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