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5 Springtime Wines You Must Try

There’s nothing like spring. Everything is blossoming, the sun is setting later, and spending more time outdoors. All these things definitely go with one thing we surely love – wine! When it comes to choosing the best Springtime wine, there are a few to keep on your radar that will perfectly align with spring weather and adventures.

Let’s explore them all!

Sauvignon BlancSpringtime wines 2021 Domenico Sauvignon Blanc

It’s hard to find a wine that sings Spring like Sauvignon Blanc. The grape is aromatic, meaning it has particular compounds that give it dominant aromas, particularly floral. As we know, flowers are synonymous with Spring. But, that’s not all Sauvignon Blanc offers. It’s bright, with a refreshing acidity complimented by herbs and even tropical fruit-like aromas. The combination of earth and freshness does precisely what Spring does – awakens your senses and hints at the warmer months to come.

Springtime wine to try: Domenico Winery 2022 Sauvignon Blanc

Falanghinairpinia falanghina

Imagine this – it’s Springtime in Italy. You’re sitting lazily in a chair in a piazza on the Amalfi Coast. Rather than a spritz, you’re sipping an easy-going yet elegant local white wine. And, that’s Falanghina.

Falanghina is a wine made in Campania, the region home to Napoli, the pizza Margherita, Amalfi Coast, and many fantastic indigenous grapes. With its bright citrus-driven character and versatility, falanghina finds itself seamlessly on the table. It pairs with seafood, mozzarella di bufala, and all the greens, making it a smart pick for Spring. 

Springtime wine to try: Historia Antiqua 2018 Irpinia Falanghina


Springtime wines Domenico Sirene RoseWe all associate summer with rosé. But, let’s be real – rosé all day is really rosé all year. Springtime is such a wonderful time to savor rosé. It is as light and chill as a glass of sparkling or white wine, yet has a little extra character for when days are still a little breezy. 

What many do not realize is there are quite the many kinds of rosé. That’s because you can typically make rosé with almost every red wine grape. This is what makes rosé so fun! There’s plenty to try, so you might as well start in Spring, determining what will be your favorite rosé to drink all summer long.

Apart from France, California produces some pretty seductive rosé. The Sirene from Domenico Winery (named appropriately ‘mermaid’ in French!) is filled with freshness and fruitiness. It’s made with Syrah. It’s just a delight with any fresh Springtime dishes and the cheese, oh the cheese, keeping in line with its French theme!

Springtime wine to try: Domenico Winery 2022 Sirene Rosé

Pinot NoirDomenico Pinot Noir

Always a classic, Pinot Noir fits seamlessly with Spring. It is a lighter-bodied red that shines with a slight chill and a gorgeous breezy 65-degree day. With its cherry aromas and innately earthy undertones, Pinot Noir matches the brightness of the Spring season. 

Of course, Pinot Noir now comes in various expressions, as it is one of the most commonly grown grapes in the world. In California, you will find exciting Pinot Noirs with a little more intensity. These are fantastic as they thrive in the glass during beautiful Spring days and can also keep up on cooler nights.

Springtime wine to try: Domenico Winery 2018 Pinot Noir


 Domenico Winery BarberaA trattoria staple, Barbera has long stood as a cornerstone of the family table in the Italian region of Piedmont. It’s incredible acidity and red fruit character make it very approachable to even novice red wine drinkers. Some may be fooled by its dark color to think it’s a big and bold red that’s probably best in the wintertime. However, Barbera is actually a medium-bodied red that’s truly a year-round wine – precisely why it is a Springtime wine to love.

Barbera is an intrinsically refreshing wine. Its high acidity makes it fantastic for springtime temperatures and seasonal foods. Similarly to other varietals, Barbera has traveled around the world, planted in vineyards from Australia to California. It is also unique within its home region as well – there’s Barbera D’Asti, Barbera D’Alba, and other Barberas produced in areas like Colli Tortonesi. This blesses wine drinkers with a plethora of Barbera styles to explore.

Springtime wine to try: Domenico Winery 2018 Barbera California

Spring is definitely another great excuse to drink excellent wine. And, with this list of Springtime wines, you will be sipping away into wine bliss. Remember – if you ever have any wine questions, the Domenico team is here to help you work through them all. Just send us a message or visit us at our Osteria and Tasting room!