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Best Winter Wines to Keep You Feeling Cozy

With the holidays over and the chilly temperatures only getting chillier, there’s nothing like a glass of wine to warm your soul. You must be thinking – the best winter wines are all red, right? Wrong! There are plenty of wines out there to keep you feeling cozy that range from red to white to even sparkling wines.

To keep it simple, we’re breaking down the wines by grape type, making it easy to find your perfect winter wine for you!

sipping wine by the fireplace


The round body and flavors of an oaked Chardonnay make for an excellent winter wine. These are Chardonnays that experience oak aging, resulting in aromas that are toasty, creamy, and sometimes even spicy.

Of course, it is up to you to choose how ‘oaky’ you prefer your Chardonnay. Some are more forward, like many California Chardonnays, with bold vanilla and spice aromas. Chardonnays from France are much milder in oak but are still very opulent unless we’re talking Chablis. Those wines are driven by acidity and freshness, pairing better with warmer weather (generally speaking!)


Cabernet Sauvignon

Herbal, spice, and everything nice – that’s Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a wine with a lot of structure, especially if it’s a ‘New World’ Cabernet Sauvignon. When it comes to Old World, Cabernet Sauvignon can be more nonchalant, but still, extend delicious and warming aromas that will make you a rich winter stew or perfectly seasoned steak.



If you’d like to transport yourself to Tuscany in the wintertime, look no further than a glass of Sangiovese. This wine can have a fantastic structure. Sangiovese has firm tannins, gorgeous acidity, and delicious fruit, not to mention the awesome earthy aromas of licorice, balsam, and dried flowers. These are all the elements you need to cook up a hearty pasta dish and treat yourself to a perfect Italian wine paired dinner in the wintertime!


Petit Manseng

A less popular wine that deserves so much more attention – Petit Manseng was once written off as just as a dessert wine. But, don’t be fooled – Petit Manseng can also be an exceptional dry white wine, one that is absolutely enjoyable during the wintertime.

Petit Manseng is a full enough-bodied white wine for the winter. It can be wonderfully creamy on the palate, with a mix of orchard fruit and tropical fruit notes. What makes Petit Manseng extra delicious, though, is its acidity. Even though it is a bodied wine, Petit Manseng is still very refreshing. It has lots of acidity, adding a little flair to every sip.


Syrah (and Shiraz!)

This French wine has pepperiness, tannins, and dark fruits that just scream ‘I’m a wintertime wine!’ Syrah pairs so easily with all the wintery foods, like red meat, bold blue cheese, and stews. If you’re a fan of more concentrated, jammy-like fruit – go for a Shiraz. This version of Syrah (they are the same exact grape!) comes from warmer climates around the world, which creates wines that are juicier and much more fruit-forward.



This mighty Italian wine fools many with its pale color and exquisite aromas. Yet, Nebbiolo hits you with some insane structure. This wine is very tannic, usually requiring long barrel and bottle aging to add softness and finesse to the wine. It’s no wonder that Barolo, the most famous wine made with Nebbiolo grapes, must be aged for at least 38 months according to law. Yes, that’s at least 3 years!

If you find a good Nebbiolo, make sure to decant it and let it find all of its expression. Then, you can start sipping a wonderful wine filled with rose, anise, and leather aromas that will give you the fanciest of cravings. Truffle pasta anyone?



Robust, with lush fruit and spice, Zinfandel is a no-brainer winter wine pick. It is most popularly grown in California, where the wines are often full-bodied with high alcohol (which, as we know, warms your blood super fast!) It also pairs fabulously with meaty dishes, like barbecue, chili, or Julia Child’s beef bourguignon.

champagne cheers in cozy sweaters


Seriously, sparkling wines are great all year round. And, in the wintertime, a bottle of champagne can make you feel toasty quick. That’s because champagne can boast very warming aromas, like brioche, toast, or even pastry. Plus, bubbles just have the magical ability to make anyone feel happy, even if it’s 10 degrees outside.



It’s hard to talk about winter wines without mentioning a dessert wine. Port is one of the best winter dessert wines, no matter which kind you choose. The best part is a little goes a long way when it comes to dessert wine. Its richness and high alcohol content can end your meal on a cozy note, especially when you pair your port with dark chocolate or a decadent cheese board.

With the cold weather lingering, we hope you explore one (or all!) of these winter wines. Trust me, any of these wines will make you feel like you’re on a beach, even when the temperatures are below freezing!