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Ideas for a Summer Wine Dinner Party Al Fresco

Summer wine dinner parties are always a good idea. They are a wonderful way to enjoy the warm weather, gather with friends and family, and indulge in delicious food. 

We gathered our best summer wine dinner party ideas to help you host an awesome evening with the people and wines you love most. 

7 Ideas for a Summer Wine Dinner Party Al Fresco

Seafood & Sauvignon Blanc

One epic way to celebrate summer is with a seafood-themed dinner party. There are so many options for food – you can serve fresh oysters, grilled shrimp skewers, crab cakes, or even go all out and serve a mega seafood paella. When it comes to pairing this, there’s one wine that will make it all taste great – Sauvignon Blanc. Its bright acidity, citrus flavors, and earthy undertones go excellently with most seafood. 

Wine Grill Party

A Malbec BBQ

There’s nothing like a classic backyard barbecue with all the burgers, hot dogs, grilled meats, and veggies. Most importantly, you get to have fun with all the fixings – marinades, sauces, and sides like potato salad, coleslaw, and grilled corn on the cob.

To make this grill party shine, pair it all with a juicy and fruit-forward Malbec from Argentina or California. The bold flavors of the wine effortlessly complement grilled or smoky flavors. Plus, it will even go excellently with vegetarian options as well. So, be sure to grill up some portobello mushrooms too!

wine & pizza party

Pizza & Rosé

Everyone loves a pizza party. You have two options here: you can make your own pizza at home, let friends get hands-on in the dough, and be creative with their toppings. To help with the pizza-making confidence, start the evening with a crisp rosé like the Domenico Sirène. It’s fantastic as an aperitif and tastes fabulous with pizza.

Alternatively, you can just order a bunch of pizza from your favorite place and save the mess. The choice is up to you!

Noodles & Riesling

For spicy food lovers, there’s nothing like the perfect bowl of noodles. Fortunately, there are various recipes for cold noodles in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisines to inspire a fun summer noodle bar. The best part about cold noodles is that you can prep the noodles early so everyone can grab a bowl and get to designing their noodles. And, there’s no better pairing for spicy noodles than a perfectly chilled Riesling.

For those kicking up the spice, a sweeter style of Riesling is the perfect pick. It has the acidity to keep you refreshed with the sweetness to balance out all the spice.

Bold Reds & Burgers

Elevate the classic burger by creating a gourmet burger bar at home with all your favorite robust red wines. 

Burger bars are all about one thing: choices. This goes for the selection of burger patties (beef, turkey, veggie), various kinds of cheese, toppings (bacon, caramelized onions, avocado), and condiments (chipotle aioli, truffle mayo). When it comes to buns, you need to have options too! Don’t forget to include lettuce leaves and gluten-free buns for those who may have dietary restrictions. 

When it comes to wines, you want to go for bold and structured rds. While this may not seem so summer, there fortunately are options that aren’t too warm for the already hot temperatures. We recommend Barbera, Syrah, or even a medium-bodied Pinot Noir.

Italian Summer-Style Dinner and Chillable Reds

Everyone loves a rustic Italian feast, especially in the summer. There are so many dishes to feature, all fresh and befitting of the season. Think caprese salad, tomato bruschetta, pasta with fresh summer veggies, grilled zucchini, and grilled whole fish or roasted meats. 

The best pairing for all these would be an easygoing light red wine, one that you’d find in a trattoria in Italy. It could be a Sangiovese, Rossese, or even a Barbera. For those who aren’t a fan of even the lightest red wines, you can also serve sparkling, like a Prosecco. 

Pro-tip: Get carafes and fill them with wine, setting them along the dinner table. This will add authentic trattoria flair to your Italian summer dinner.

glasses of rosè wine

And, Don’t Forget About Dessert and Digestifs!

Who said a summer wine dinner party couldn’t be about dessert? There’s nothing like a late-night dessert party paired with sweet wines, dessert wines, or fortified wines. Offer options like fruit tarts, chocolate truffles, or a cheese platter. Consider serving a digestif such as a port wine or brandy to cap off the evening.

With these ideas, you are set to have the best summer wine dinner party yet. And, remember – if you are not in the mood to cook or party at home, the Domenico Winery Osteria serves food just like Nonna used to make, with wines to please all palates.

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