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Italian Wines in California: Meet Historia Antiqua

It’s rare to find Italian wines in California. Not at Domenico Winery – we’re bringing our Italian history right to the table.

Domenico Winery is more than just a California urban winery –  it’s a homage to our Italian heritage. The rich Southern Italian culture inspires everything we do. Food, family, and, of course, copious amounts of wine! That’s why we chose to import wines from Historia Antiqua. We couldn’t think of a better way to showcase Domenico Winery’s history than with these Italian wines!

Let’s Discover a Little More about these Italian Wines in California…


La Storia (“the History”)

Historia Antiqua all began in 1969 with Michael Cornacchio and Margherita De Iorio, Dominick’s two relatives from Avellino in Campania, Italy. This stunning province is known for its ancient wines. These include white wines made from native grapes like Greco di Tufo and Falanghina. Or, even world-renowned wines like Taurasi D.O.C.G., an elegant Aglianico-based red wine.

The Historia Antiqua winery grows all of these grapes in the heart of Irpinia, the Northernmost part of Avellino. This is where you find the wine-growing region’s most impressive soil and altitudes.

What is extra fascinating about Historia Antiqua is its location. The winery is in Avellino, a province east of Napoli and the Amalfi Coast. This is the very province that Dominick’s father and our Wine Club Manager’s father are from. Coupled with incredible winemaking history, this makes Historia Antiqua wines extra special for everyone at Domenico winery.

I Vini (“The Wines”)

The amazing wines of Historia Antiqua bring Italian wines in California to the next level. We imported a wide selection of their wines. Let’s discover them together!


Spumanti (“Sparkling Wines”)


HAQ Spumante Brut

Made from only Aglianico grapes, this sparkling wine works for any occasion. It’s dry, refreshing and full of orchard fruit flavors. Therefore, it’s the perfect pair for seafood, lemon-y pastries, or anything you’d find on the Amalfi Coast (which is only a quick drive from Avellino!)

HAQ Brut Rosé

This bottle channels all the la dolce vita vibes. Just like its sparkling sibling, this rosé is made from Aglianico grapes from the best planting sites. It’s gently fruity and a delicious way to start off any meal.


Vini Bianchi (“White Wines”)


Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G.

This wine gets its name from its grape and location. Greco is a grape native to Campania, Italy, while Tufo is the name of a town in Avellino. The word “Tufo” means “tuff” – the soft, volcanic rock found in this province. Hence, Greco di Tufo maintains the D.O.C.G. status for its history and quality.

Greco di Tufo is a lovely white wine, with an alluring dark lemon or gold color. It is citrus-driven with wonderful acidity. When aged in barrel, Greco di Tufo can be much more bodied. Greco is an excellent match for most savory and fried things such as prosciutto, mozzarella in Carozza, or seafood.

Greco di Tufo has great ability. That’s why we offer 3 vintages: 2018, 2017, and 2012 barrel-aged.

Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G.

There is nothing like a glass of Fiano. This wine, also native to Campania, has a unique character that exudes the aromas of the Avellino area. This wine is mineral, floral, and full of yummy orchard fruit notes. It’s a fuller-bodied white wine. This combination of flavors makes Fiano great for white meat or seafood. We offer 2018 Fiano di Avellino online and in our tasting room.

Fun fact: There are vine plantings of Fiano in California! This definitely shows how Italian wines in California are gaining popularity…


Nothing screams Italian summer more than a glass of Falanghina. It’s light-bodied, fresh, and floral. Grown in a gorgeous Irpinia area, Falanghina is an ancient grape Romans used to drink bounties of. Our 2018 Irpinia Falanghina is this history in a bottle. Besides, this wine is a fantastic companion for any beach day.

Coda di Volpe

This is a wine you can’t find easily outside of Italy. Coda di Volpe means ‘fox’s tail.’ It gets its name from its long grape bunches that grape growers thought it resembled a fox’s tail. Coda di Volpe is notably a rare grape variety that is grown in small quantities. It has stunning acidity and an almost salty character. As a result of this unique flavor, your tastebuds instantly venture to the beautiful coast of Campania. Coupled with We currently offer the 2018 Coda di Volpe!


Vini Rossi (“Red Wines”)



This grape variety has called Southern Italy it’s home since Grecian times. Aglianico is a thick-skinned varietal that loves high altitudes, volcanic soil, and steep slopes. Thus, Taurasi is one of the most ideal areas for this grape. The area’s rich soils, altitudes, and historic viticulture practices help to make incredible Aglianico wines. Their flavors and aromas can be floral, fruity, or even ‘meaty’ at times!

Historia Antiqua makes two kinds of Aglianico: Aglianico di Taurasi and Irpinia Aglianico. The first is a D.O.C.G., like Greco and Fiano. This means that the wine’s production must follow historic wine laws. It is grown in the area of Taurasi, an area known for producing very elegant Aglianico.

Unlike Taurasi, Irpinia Aglianico is produced with grapes grown in the wider area of Irpinia. It’s a less ‘refined’ wine, but still undoubtedly delicious!


Italian wines in California are rare. That’s why we chose to import Historia Antiqua wines – it’s our way of bringing the Domenico Winery history to life. We cannot wait to share a glass (or bottle!) of Historia Antiqua wines with you one day.

Looking to try the wines from Historia Antiqua? You can now order Historia Antiqua wines from our website or taste them at our Osteria today!