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A glass of wine on a Fall day

5 Wines for Fall to Spice Things Up

Move over PSLs – there are other beverages to be sipping this season. If you’re looking for something to warm your soul and fulfill your spice cravings, wine is your answer. And – with this list of wines for fall – you can’t go wrong.

Spice This Season Up with These Wines for Fall


When cooler weather comes, many think it’s time to switch to red. That’s not necessarily true. A Chardonnay aged in oak develops those toasty, baking spiced flavors that are an aromatic ode to fall. Its lovely balance of acidity and butteriness makes this Chardonnay an excellent pairing for our favorite fall desserts. Think apple pie with fresh whipped cream or even better – à la mode (with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream!)

Our pick? Domenico Winery’s 2020 Chardonnay is the ideal Chardonnay for fall. It’s fresh like an autumn breeze but keeps you feeling cozy with its nutty and spicy flavors. It’s a great match for dishes with creamier sauces. But, it makes this list of wines for fall because it is the perfect finish to a day of apple picking, as this Chardonnay is an exceptional pairing for a freshly baked apple pie.

Pinot Blanc

Lurking in Pinot Noir’s shadow is its Alsacian mutation Pinot Blanc, a wine born for fall drinking. Pinot Blanc’s lively acidity, supported by floral and green apple flavors, can enchant anyone. Plus, it has this subtle hint of sweetness that’s beautifully contrasted by an almond note or even a smokiness, depending on the wine’s origins. When oak-aged, Pinot Blanc becomes the best companion for those mildly chilly fall days. It develops these tantalizing creamy, spicy notes that a pumpkin spice latte can’t even keep up.

Pinot Blanc hails from France; however, you can find this grape grown in various places. One to note is Oregon, where Pinot Blanc has flourished. Don’t be shy to explore them to see which is your wine for fall.

Pinot Noir

The love for Pinot Noir will never cease. No matter the season, this wine seems to find its way into our hearts.

When it comes to fall wines, Pinot Noir slips in with its versatility. As we know, there’s a lot of Pinot out there. This wine can range in expression, which relies on where the grapes grow and how the wine is ultimately aged. When sipping Pinot in Autumn, we suggest going for a more medium-bodied Pinot Noir, with bright red fruit that reminds you of the last days of summer with spice that calls you into fall. Now, this could mean Old World or New World. There are no limits here!

Our pick? Domenico Winery’s 2018 Santa Cruz Pinot Noir. Balanced and bodied, this Pinot is drinking superbly. It has all the fruit and spice you need as the temperatures begin to dip.

Pouring one of the best red wines for fall


Hailing from the gorgeous region of Puglia, Negroamaro brings all the fall flair to the table. Now, before you are fooled – this wine is not bitter. The amaro in its name misleads many. This wine definitely exudes earthy and spicy flavors, but nothing that will make you think you’re drinking a digestif.

Negroamaro makes this wines for fall lineup because it knows how to take the edge off those chilly days. It’s a bigger-bodied wine, carried by delicious notes of rich black fruit and baking spice. It also is often higher in alcohol, giving your blood some heat with the arrival of sweater weather. Its mild sweetness makes it a delicious pairing for spicy foods or even BBQ.

We’re savoring Domenico Winery’s 2015 Negroamaro, a Cal-Italia interpretation of this fabulous Southern Italian wine.


Sticking with Italian, but heading North – Barbera comes in as a fantastic wine for fall. This wine is a staple of trattorias and restaurants in its home region of Piedmont. Why? Well, this wine – made simply or extravagantly – makes you feel cozy and happy. It’s a juicy wine, but not a huge wine. Its dark color may make it seem otherwise. But, don’t just a book by its cover. Barbera has bright acidity as refreshing as those beautiful fall mornings, complimented by notes of nutmeg and sometimes anise.

If you’re into fruitier wines, we suggest trying Barbera from the New World. Domenico Winery’s Lodi Barbera is singing with ripe and rich fruit flavors, essenced with notes of baking spice.

Cabernet Sauvignon

We have to finish this list of wines for fall with the famous, forever-adored Cab Sauv. Autumn calls for this wine when temperatures run low and the evenings hint at the winter months around the corner. The depth and boldness of a California Cab Sauv warm up your soul, especially when there’s a steak on the side.

Domenico Winery’s 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon offers just that. It’s smooth and elegant. Aged partially in new oak, this wine delivers sinful spices of fall – think clove and cinnamon spice.

Are you as excited about the new season as we are? With these wines for fall, there’s no way you can’t be. Autumn is a beautiful season, and it’s even more beautiful with the perfect glass of vino in your hand.