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6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Vineyard Wedding

Planning a wedding is both an exciting and overwhelming experience. Everyone wants their big day to be perfect. One of the ways to do that is to have a vineyard wedding.

A winery is an ideal wedding location. It offers a ton of options and flexibility for all sorts of wedding agendas. And, vineyards naturally come with all the romantic vibes too. From the gorgeous views to the endless wine, there’s so much to love about having a vineyard wedding.

Here are 6 reasons why you should have a vineyard wedding!

The ceremony and reception can happen all in one place

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is dealing with multiple event spaces. Whether it’s your ceremony, reception, or bridal suite, it can be pretty frustrating organizing and moving between all these locations.

This is what makes a wedding at a winery so attractive. Wineries are usually very spacious venues. More often than not, wineries can be large enough to accommodate both the ceremony and reception, in two unique spaces. Some wineries even have accommodations too, making it easy to organize your bridal suite and even guest rooms. That means you can have all of your wedding festivities in one location, saving lots of traveling for everyone.

So many gorgeous locations to choose from

By deciding to have a vineyard wedding, you’ll be amazed by all the incredible places you’ll be able to choose from. There are a lot of wineries out there. Each has its own aesthetic and unique location. You can go for the antique charm of a historic winery or pick something edgier like a new urban winery.

The various kinds of wineries out there make a vineyard wedding an awesome destination wedding idea as well. There are wine regions all over the world with spectacular sceneries, not to mention incredible wine. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to travel 3000 miles to Italy or Chile for your wedding (although that’s never a terrible idea!) You can easily host your vineyard wedding domestically.

On the West Coast, there are plenty of amazing wineries in California, Oregon, Washington, and even Arizona with breathtaking views of the mountains. Ocean lovers rejoice – there are even wineries with ocean views too! Heading to the East Coast, you’ll find beautiful vineyards that are ideal wedding locations as well. Don’t be shy to check out Virginia wine country or the Finger Lakes in New York.


The amazing wedding photos

Wedding or not, vineyards are stunning on their own. The seemingly boundless rows of vines, often paired with an eye-catching backdrop of mountains, are a naturally gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos.

By having a vineyard wedding, your photographer also won’t have to search for the perfect photo op – the photo opportunities are all around! Wineries are strategically placed in an area with tons of natural light, a heaven-sent for photographers. This means there will be less time stressing out the perfect picture, and more photos you can cherish for a lifetime.

You can have an indoor or outdoor wedding (or both!)

Winery weddings give you options. And, one of the best options is that you can have is the option of having your wedding indoors, outdoors, or both. Depending on the location and time of year, wineries offer various options for your ceremony and reception. You can create an exciting wedding experience, by having part of your wedding indoors and part of it outdoors. Plus, these options make it much easier to integrate music into your wedding planning. The spaciousness of the wineries makes it easy to turn up the music, either with a DJ or a live band.


Don’t forget about the awesome food

Wineries are known for having a high standard for food (you can’t drink delicious wine without equally delicious food, right?) So, having a vineyard wedding means you’ll be put in good hands when it comes to catering.  There are wineries that have their own restaurants and/or catering programs, simplifying your food preparations. Go for an Italian winery and you might be able to have a wood-fired pizza oven set up at your wedding!

It is important to note that many wineries do not have in-house catering options. But, they’re usually well-connected with local and high-quality catering options to choose from.


And, the endless wine

We saved the best (and most obvious) for last. Having a winery wedding also means that you can feature your favorite wines. You’ll be able to satisfy all your guests with options of red, white, sparkling, and even dessert wine. Of course, you get to choose what to offer. Wineries want you to celebrate your big day the right way and will make sure the wine doesn’t stop flowing. Sounds pretty ideal, am I right?

Are you thinking about having a vineyard wedding? With these 6 reasons, you can’t go wrong with a winery as your wedding venue. It will only add more fun and romance to one of the best days of your life!