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7 Amazing Wines for Labor Day Weekend

If there’s anything that will put aside the old “no wearing white after labor day” nonsense, it’s wine. Labor Day weekend is an excellent time to have the perfect glass of white wine as a party accessory. From bubbles to crisp white wines, there are some amazing bottles to share with family and friends. So, don’t sleep on these wines for Labor Day. (And, don’t worry red wine lovers – there are some great reds for this long weekend as well!)


Discover these 7 Wines for Labor Day

HAQ Spumante Brut

Kicking off a weekend with bubbles always makes it better. Spice up your usual prosecco pick with this Italian sparkling. The HAQ spumante is a bottle you can’t find just anywhere. Made by HistoriaAntiqua, a family-run winery in the heart of Campania, Italy, these bubbles bring unparalleled flavor and refreshingness. It makes the perfect greeting to guests or companions as you sip away by the pool.

HAQ Brut Rosé

For those who love rosé and bubbles, this is your dream bottle come true. The HAQ Brut rosé is a fascinating sparkling wine that’s lively and delicious. Made from Aglianico grapes, this bubbly is oh so easy-going. It’s fruity and floral, helping you capture all the last bits of summer. Serve it in flutes alone or maybe with a few raspberries to make for a pretty picture.

2020 Sauvignon Blanc

It’s hard to think of outdoor summer dining without a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. It’s dry, bright, and as refreshing as a green apple. Domenico Winery’s 2020 Sauvignon Blanc is all of that and more. Its vibrance is clear the moment you get a whiff of your glass. It makes for sipping on its own on the porch or by the pool. When it comes to food, this wine sings when paired with a simple summer salad with grilled shrimp or any grilled light seafood for that matter.

2020 Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio may sound common, but there’s a reason this wine made it to this list of wines for Labor Day weekend. This wine is easy to drink and always exciting. Domenico’s 2020 Pinot Grigio is great for those who prefer a less dry wine with tons of fruity character. This wine has real personality with tropical fruit and floral flavors. It pairs well with staple summer dishes but also loves a little adventure. Try this Pinot Grigio with paella or jambalaya or even a delicious thai coconut curry. You’ll be in heaven in no time.

2018 Fiano di Avellino

Looking to make an impression this Labor Day weekend? Then, bring Historia Antiqua’s Fiano di Avellino to the table. This wine is a piece of ancient Italian history – Fiano is a grape that is said to be loved by the Romans. One sip of this wine and you’ll see that it’s fit for an Emperor. Its minerality makes it too enjoyable drink. Plus, its delicious character of orchard fruit and a nutty hazelnut-like finish keep you eager for your next glass. It pairs excellently with seafood pasta or white meat, like a chicken alla cacciatore.

2021 Sirène Rosé

An ode to summer, Domenico’s flagship Sirène rosé is the ultimate wine for sipping pool, beach, or lakeside. Its gorgeous color matches its name – ‘sirène’ in French means mermaid. Now, we can’t say that this wine will give you fins, but it will surely put a grin on your face. Its tropical flavors of guava and apricot are quite irresistible. It’s no wonder it’s the only rosé on this list of wines for Labor Day weekend.

2018 Merlot

Red wine lovers – rejoice on Labor Day weekend. This 2018 Merlot offers a wide spectrum of flavors to please most red wine lovers. It’s juicy, with juicy black fruits, chocolate, and sweet tobacco flavor. You can easily say that this wine is the ultimate match for a cheeseburger on the grill (especially if you’re adding some caramelized onions or mushrooms to it.) Or, pair it with a steak au poivre – you’ll be the happiest person at the BBQ in no time.

Have Labor Day plans? Whether you do or not, your weekend will be better with the perfect bottle of wine. Domenico Winery’s 7 wines for Labor Day weekend should do just the trick.