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5 Tips On How to Plan a Summer Wine Picnic like a Pro

A summer wine picnic can be a charming and relaxing way to enjoy the summer outdoors with friends or loved ones. To take advantage of the sun and all the great wine, you need to make sure you cover all the bases – from the setting to sunscreen. We’ve planned events for many years, including many special event picnics. To ensure you maximize the summer weather, we’re giving you our best tips for how to plan a summer wine picnic for anyone you love in your life!

Here’s how to plan a summer wine picnic!


Set the Perfect Picnic Scene

Designing the ambiance is one of the most fun parts of planning a summer wine picnic. From color scheme to cutlery, you can have a lot of fun picking out the details for your picnic. All you have to do is think about who will be at the picnic and then pick a theme!

There are a few essentials to know no matter the theme you pick or guests you invite. First, bring a comfortable picnic blanket, along with a few chairs. You want your guests to have options! Then, pick out a cute picnic basket filled with the essentials like wine openers, wine glasses (plastic or acrylic for safety), and reusable or compostable plates and utensils. Lastly, we always recommend bringing a wine cooler or insulated bottle bags to keep the wine at the right temperature.


Pick a Good Location

A great view can take a good chunk of the work out of a picnic. Choosing a picturesque outdoor location such as a park, beach, or vineyard can transform the entire experience and leave you with even better photos. The most idyllic spot would be a place with enough shade to keep the wine cool and protect you from the sun.

Our pro tip is to always check local rules and regulations regarding alcohol consumption in public spaces. You don’t want a visit from a police officer ruining your gorgeous summer wine picnic.

how to plan a summer wine picnic perfectly

Select your wines

Now for the best part! There are plenty of perfect wines for a summer wine picnic. It comes down to the theme and knowing what your guests like. You can choose a variety of wines to cater to different tastes – a mix of red, white, and rosé wines. If you’re a real wine lover, you can organize a wine-tasting flight for everyone to enjoy.

Planning a summer wine picnic is also an excellent opportunity to celebrate your new wine club shipments, sharing seasonal bottles with others. The new rosè or white wine release can be the perfect centerpiece for any picnic.


Make sure the food pairs

Good picnic food doesn’t have to be fancy. You want things to be simple to eat that also complement the wine. One thing that always goes well with wine is a charcuterie and cheese spread. This is simple to pack as cheese and meat can easily be pre-cut, along with all the accompaniment. Opt for a mix of light and refreshing dishes like a selection of cheeses (soft, hard, and aged), fresh fruits, cured meats, olives, nuts, and jams. Don’t forget to include crackers or bread. If you have any gluten-free folks, be sure to bring options in separate containers as well.

Another option is to prepare fresh salads and sandwiches for everyone to savor. This approach provides numerous options for those with unique dietary needs, packaged separately. Plus, you can test out the pairings with the wine beforehand if you’re curious.


And the dessert too!

Dessert does depend heavily on your wine selection. However, there are plenty of sweets to pick from especially if you’re sipping a more robust red, like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Decadent chocolate truffles and macarons are fantastic picks that are straightforward to transport and eat. If you brought an off-dry or sweet Riesling, mini fruit tarts are fabulous and reliable picks.

You can also bring a dessert wine if you like. This could be a little treat for everyone to savor after a successful summer wine picnic.

Two things not to forget…


Stay hydrated

Of course, there will be wine. But, with the summer heat, you need to stay hydrated. Remember to stay hydrated by bringing lots of water. A nice touch would be to serve sparkling water with fresh lemon wedges. It will keep everyone cool with ease.


A little music

Tunes are everything. To keep the vibe going, create a playlist for your picnic that suits the mood. A small portable speaker is all you need. Our tip is to make sure the speaker is waterproof, especially if your picnic is by a lake or beach. 


Sun protection

A summer wine picnic shouldn’t be ruined by sunburns. So, don’t forget sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses for maximum protection. You can even bring funky glasses or hats for everyone to wear if you want to play into the theme.

Remember, how to plan a summer wine picnic is an opportunity to express yourself. Channel what picnic vibe you’re looking for and focus on creating a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere where everyone can savor good wine, food, and company. Cheers to a fantastic summer wine picnic!

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