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Top 5 Summer Wines

Sun is out and summer is here. With the temperatures high, there’s no doubt that you’ll be craving a beverage to cool off. Of course, your first choice should be water to stay hydrated. But, we all know that when we’re out on a summer day, we also want to sip on something that makes all of our cares go away. And, that’s precisely why we are bringing you the top 5 summer wines to drink.

Spoiler: it’s not just white wine!

Here are the Top 5 Summer Wines to Sip on this Summer

champagne pouring into flutes

Dry Sparkling Wine

One perfect way to cool off is with a glass of bubbly. Dry sparkling wines are an excellent summer pick as carbonation sure knows how to refresh us. Fortunately, you can never get bored with sparkling wine because there is quite a variety.

Of course, you can never go wrong with Champagne. Not only does it make you feel regal, but it makes life feel more like a celebration! Opt for a Blanc de Blanc, a Champagne made exclusively from white grapes. It boasts a lighter and drier character, just perfect for a hot day or a balmy summer evening.

Not feeling French? You can also go Italian in your sparkling wine choices. Prosecco with its peach and green apple flavors adds a fruity touch to any outdoor get-together. Or, if you want something a little more complex and unique, go for Franciacorta. Italy’s love letter to Champagne, Franciacorta is made with the same grapes as its French cousin.

And, we can’t forget to mention that rosé lovers can enjoy pink bubbles too. All sorts of sparkling wines – from Champagne to cava – come in rosé versions. Keeping it Italian as always, one we love most is the HAQ Brut Rosé, a gorgeous sparkling rosé made from the historic Aglianico grapes.


This top summer wine may seem pretty obvious, because how can you think of summer without rosé? Its pretty pink juice pairs with all sorts of occasions. Plus, when rosé is real good, it has the acidity to cool you off and keep the summer smile on your face.

Domenico Winery’s 2021 Sirène rosé is just that – fresh, lively, and bursting with tropical aromas that will take you from your porch to the beach. Sip it alone or enjoy it with seasonal summer dishes like strawberry salads or freshly grilled white fish.

Crisp White Wines

Just like rosé, the best summer white wines must have freshness (aka acidity.) One sip of a crisp white wine in the summer and your whole mood just gets better.

So, which wines fall into this category, making them one of the top 5 summer wines? There are quite a few! What we recommend is Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or even a classic Pinot Grigio. All of these wines have freshness, fruitiness, and acidity to cool you off on a hot day. Plus, each wine is a match made in heaven for easy-going summer foods, from salads to seafood.

Chillable Reds

Yes, there are red wines that taste best with a little extra chill. These reds have a light body and plenty of acidity, making them quite the opposite of what many think red wine is. This nature of the wine comes down to the type of grapes and winemaking style used to make the wine.

For chillable reds, we love Pinot Noir or Dolcetto. Pinot Noir is – as we know – delicious. But, it is a more delicate wine,  meaning it tastes best with a little chill. Plus, Pinot Noir pairs with lighter foods like baked goat cheese salad or pork loin. Dolcetto is another excellent option. This Italian red means ‘little sweet,’ exuding soft and earthy flavors. It makes a great match for tomato-based pasta dishes and even hamburgers.

friends enjoying red wine together

Juicy reds

People don’t often think of bold reds in the summer. But, the right red wine with concentrated fruit and a touch of sweetness is the perfect match for BBQ (and who doesn’t love grilling in the summer?)

So, when you have your next grill party, consider trying a juicy red wine. Go Italian with Negroamaro. This Sicilian wine will satisfy everyone. Negroamaro has ripe fruit flavors that pair deliciously with barbecue chicken. Or, try Zinfandel. This wine is known for its concentrated fruity flavors and slightly spicy character, a perfect pairing for grilled steak or other red meat.

Summer is always better when you have a glass of wine in your hand. We hope that this list of top 5 summer wines inspired you to try something new to cool you off in this heat!