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Can You Drink Rosé All Year? (The Answer is Yes!)

We often hear the question: can you drink rosé all year? It doesn’t surprise us – rosé wine is often put in the box of being a summer wine, only to be enjoyed with the temperatures are hot enough for a beach or pool day. Sure, it is released in the Springtime when the seasons are changing and the sun is shining a little brighter. But, the truth is – rosé is a wine to easily be enjoyed all year round, especially those rosés that can last over a year or two in the bottle.

And, we are giving you all the reasons to answer your main question: can you drink rosé all year?

Here are 6 reasons why you can drink rosé all year

That Acidity!

One defining feature of a good rosé is its freshness. These wines typically have good acidity levels, which makes them refreshing and crisp. This characteristic is well-suited to warmer months when people crave lighter, more refreshing beverages. However, it also makes rosé a great choice for pairing with a wide range of foods, including many dishes commonly enjoyed during cooler months.

Aesthetic Appeal

Can you drink rosé wine all year? Yes, with charcuterie!

One thing that makes rosé so loved (and marketable!) is its gorgeous pink color, which ranges from beautiful deep pink to salmon hues. Regardless of the shade of pink, rosé wines evoke a sense of warmth and beauty that transcends seasonal boundaries. The color alone can make it an attractive choice for any time of the year, making your ‘can I drink rosé all year?’ question a very simple one to answer.

Wide Range of Styles

Rosé isn’t just one style of wine. A diverse array of rosé wines are available, ranging from very dry to slightly sweet and from light and delicate to bold and fruit-forward. There’s something to please all palates. This diversity allows you to find a style of rosé that can match various occasions and cuisines. Aka, more opportunities to explore and have fun!

Also, by purchasing rosé after its ‘official’ season is over, you’re helping wineries out, especially if they are small and/or family-owned. They produced a wine that’s still very much good to drink. And, we know best never to let wine go to waste!

Food Versatility

Rosé’s versatility in terms of food pairing is one of its key attributes. Its moderate tannins and fruit-forward flavors can complement a variety of dishes, including salads, seafood, grilled meats, and even heartier fare like roasted poultry or pork. This adaptability makes it a year-round option.

Domenico Winery’s Sirène is an example of a crisp rosé that’s slightly sweet, but still bright and fresh. It makes an immaculate pairing for seafood, any time of the year when the sun is shining.

Appeal in Different Climates

Drinking rosé at sunset

Rosé wines are enjoyed globally, and they are produced in regions with varying climates. As a result, you can find rosé wines that are well-suited to different seasons. Lighter, crisper rosés are ideal for summer, while fuller-bodied rosés can be a cozy choice in the fall or winter.

Domenico’s Rosato shows another style of rosé. Made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Mourvedre, it has a deeper color and more persistent, bold flavors. It makes quite the pairing for appetizers, even for Valentine’s Day. Yes, the 2022 vintage can last until then make just the pink pairing for your love-themed charcuterie board, supporting the ‘yes’ to your ‘can you drink rosé all year?’ question!

Indoor and Outdoor Enjoyment

Let’s be real – we aren’t stuck inside when it’s not summer. Rosé wines are known for pairing with those perfect sunny days. And, that doesn’t mean only on hot days. Whether you’re picnicking in the park during the summer, sipping by the outdoor fireplace in the winter, or having a meal at a cozy restaurant any time of year, rosé can fit in the picture. Remember – there are so many different kinds of rosé to choose from, giving you options all year long.

So, can you drink rosé all year? The answer is a resounding yes! Ultimately, the “drinkability” of rosé year-round is a matter of personal preference. While it may be particularly associated with warm weather and outdoor gatherings, its versatility and broad range of styles allow it to be a pleasant choice in any season.

And, remember – if you ever have any wine questions – the Domenico Winery team is here to answer all your wine questions, and let you taste wine and savor delicious Italian food along the way!