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Best Corporate Wine Gifts

You can’t celebrate the end of the year without gifts for your team, your clients, and even yourself! So, why not take your gifting to the next level with the best corporate wine gifts.

Yes, you heard right – wine! I mean, who doesn’t love wine? Perhaps a few people don’t… But, still, even those few most likely have a partner, sibling, or roommate at home who does.

From gift cards to gift baskets, there are so many ways that wine can easily put a smile on any team member or client’s face.

Let’s Discover the Best Corporate Wine Gifts!

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Personalized Wine Bottles

One of the coolest things that some wineries offer is customized wine labels. You can have your own wine, crafted with your own label. You can feature your client’s logo or your employees’ individual names. Or, why not do both? You can send a case of uniquely customized wine labels to each of your clients while having special bottles at your corporate holiday party.

Plus, you get to choose what kind of wine you’d like to have too. From Merlot to Primitivo to Sauvignon Blanc, you can add a personal touch to any of your favorite wines to drink.

Wine Gift Cards

If you’re looking for the simplest gift, wine gift cards are an easy go-to. This may sound like a pretty boring gift. But, don’t judge a book by its cover. Wine gift cards are really awesome. First of all, there are various kinds of wine gift cards to give. From wineries to wine shops to wine bars, there are gift cards from all sorts of places. Second, you’re giving your employees or clients the opportunity to choose what kind of gift they really want. Lastly, gift cards can buy your clients or employees an incredible experience that they will always remember.

Another fantastic thing about gift cards is the opportunity to strengthen your business’s relationship with its local community. Your purchase of several gift cards means sending several new customers to these businesses. That’s not only just sales for their business but also potential long-term. customers. If you run a business, you know exactly how important it is to develop more customer loyalty!

Customized Wine Gift Baskets

Oh gift baskets, one of the most classic presents of all time. They are an entire experience in a basket. And, wine gift baskets, in particular, are truly filled with all the goodies.

What makes wine gift baskets great is that they are much more than just wine. These baskets are a whole experience! From a decadent French-style wine and cheese gift basket to a rosé picnic party basket, there are so many options to choose from.

Have no fear – you don’t have to create these baskets yourself. Fortunately, there are various companies that create and/or sell pre-made wine gift baskets. has an amazing list of companies selling gift baskets that you cannot miss!

Wine Club Membership

What’s better than wine? Wine delivered straight to your door, that’s what! Wine club memberships give the gift of ongoing gifts.

The best part about a wine club membership is the versatility. You can choose the frequency of the membership, the types of wines, and the number of bottles. This lends you flexibility in your budget. Also, many wine memberships will include little holiday bonuses, like cute totes, glassware, or personalized messages.

There are all sorts of wine memberships out there too. You can find individual wine membership programs, sourcing wines from all over the world. Wineries also have their own wine memberships too. So, if you know that someone seriously loves a winery, or you want to share your love for your favorite winery, a wine membership is a reliable pick.

If you’re extra curious about wine clubs, we have all the info you need to know here!

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Wine Tastings and Classes

It is hard to beat the gift of an experience. There are various wine tastings and educational classes that make splendid corporate gifts. For those who love simply tasting wine, a tasting at a winery or tickets to a lavish wine tasting event are a splendid idea. Or – say you know that a client is an avid wine connoisseur – don’t be shy to gift them a high-level seminar with famous sommeliers or even winemakers. Trust me, these classes do exist!

The holidays are all about celebration, and one of the best ways to celebrate is with wine. No matter which gift route you go, you will surely put a smile on any client or employee’s face with these best corporate wine gift ideas.

If you need a little help, remember that Domenico Winery offers all the wine gifts you need this year. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to organize a spectacular corporate holiday gift, whether that be personalized wine bottles, tastings, or dinner events.