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Red wine on a romantic beach Valentine's Day date

5 Perfect Wines for Valentine’s Day

February is here, and you know what that means – Valentine’s Day. We fully believe that with wine, love can last all month long. Just ask Bacchus or Cupid! Fortunately, the Domenico Winery crew has picked out the best wines for Valentine’s Day, picking out the bottles to open this month that will suit any date or romantic mood.

Let’s discover the 5 perfect wines for Valentine’s Day!

Rosé poured into glass

2022 “Sirene” Rosé

It’s not just rosé all day – it’s rosé all year! And, what better time of year to sip on gorgeously pink wine than Valentine’s Day? With many places in the Northern Hemisphere seeing slightly warmer temperatures this month, a chilled glass of rosé doesn’t seem out of the question.

Whether it’s sunny or snowing, Domenico Winery’s 2022 Sirene Rosé tastes mighty fine. It’s as charming as its muse (Sirène in French means mermaid,) bursting with zesty red berry and tropical fruit flavors.

2018 Russian River Pinot Noir

There is a reason that Pinot Noir from the Russian River is well known. When made with love and care, it is phenomenal. What better way to put a smile on your lover’s face than with a sensational bottle of wine? That question is rhetorical.

Domenico Winery’s 2018 Russian River Pinot is singing. It evokes the traditional elegance of Pinot Noir – with a complex character yet medium body, with flavors of red cherry and earth. The wine’s oak aging yields this wine a soft spice-driven finish that makes it extra seductive.

A little birdy told us that this bottle is available for Domenico Wine Club members only – join the wine club so that you can score this amazing bottle to swoon your date.

Mambo Italiano wine paired with pasta

NV Mambo Italiano

Is a pasta or pizza date in the plans for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe a Galentine’s Day feast with your best friends? The Mambo Italiano must be on your table then. It channels all the Italian passion with ease and goes with your favorite red sauce dishes.

This blend from Domenico Winery came to fruition with one goal – to make a wine that pleases everyone and every dish at the table. The Mambo Italiano does it precisely, with its full fruity body relaxed enough for an eggplant parmigiana and robust enough to take on a large plate of sausage and peppers.

2018 Late Harvest Riesling

What’s the month of love without all the dessert? And, what makes dessert better is the perfect dessert wine.

This late harvest Riesling is for those who adore fruity desserts, gelato, and sorbet. It’s a natural pairing for an elegant berry tart, vanilla gelato, or even an apple pie ala mode.

Why? Well, this late harvest Riesling has enchanting aromas of apricot complimented by flavors of orange blossom and honey. While it is sweet, this sweet riesling still has acidity, making it an excellent pairing for even creamier desserts. Either way, it’s a joy to sip on its own or make a beautiful pairing. Get some pretty dessert glasses and make your final course shine!

Black Silk Ruby Red Dessert Wine

Chocolate lovers, this one is for you. The Black Silk Ruby Red dessert wine is the California wine answer to Portugal’s ruby port. It’s rich and luscious, made with similar Portuguese varietals. It’s velvety with flavors of blackberry, fig jam, and a hint of mocha. It’s the perfect companion to sharp aged cheeses (think aged cheddar or manchego,) chocolate mousse or any chocolate dessert with raspberries.

Dinner plans down, and wine pairings done! We hope this list of the best wines for Valentine’s Day from Domenico Winery helped make your plans extra special this month. We know when you have wine, you have Bacchus and cupid on your side!