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Italian Wines Brought to You by Domenico

At Domenico Winery and Osteria, everything we do is rooted in wine, food, and family. We are immensely proud to be able to bring our family’s rich history and culture to the table and are excited to announce the arrival of our Italian Family Wines from Historia Antiqua in Irpinia, Campania, Italy! These Italian wines are currently available for purchase online or in the Osteria. 

Historia Antiqua

In 1969, Dominick Chirichillo’s Italian relatives, Michael Cornacchio and Margherita De Iorio, opened the winery, Historia Antiqua, in the eastern part of Campania, Italy, bordering Apulia and Basilicata. Campania is famous for the world renowned Taurasi D.O.C.G. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita is a red wine Appellation in Irpinia) and high-quality white wines including Greco di Tufo, Falanghina, and Fiano di Avellino. 

Fun fact – Both Owner/Winemaker, Dominick’s father and Wine Club Manager, Michael’s father are from the same region in Italy, Avellino! With such a special connection to Historia Antiqua, we are ecstatic to share their wines (and delicious olive oil) with you. We are holding monthly virtual tastings and some will feature these wines from Historia Antiqua! The next virtual tasting will be on August 10th at 5:30 p.m.

The Wines

The vineyards are all within the province of Avellino and grown at a high altitude running along the spine of the Apennines mountain range. We’ve brought back an array of wines from Historia Antiqua that include sparkling, white, and red selections. Three we’re particularly excited about are the HAQ sparkling wine, the 2012 Greco di Tuffo Barrel Aged D.O.C.G., and the 2014 Aglianico di Taurasi D.O.C.G.

HAQ Spumante Brut

This sparkling wine is more than suitable for any occasion. From the best Aglianico grapes in Campania, Italy, it brings fresh and lively flavors of apples and light caramel to the palate. Pair this refreshing and exciting wine with any seafood dish you desire, or with a delicious sweet pastry brunch.

2012 Greco di Tufo Barrel Aged D.O.C.G.

Greco di Tufo is a clone of Greco Bianco that ripens late and thrives in the Mediterranean climate of Southern Italy. The name “Tufo” is derived from “tuff,” the soft, volcanic rock that makes up the subsoil of the region it’s grown in. 

With a dark lemon or gold color in the glass, this is a wine that has spicy characteristics due to how long it’s been barrel aged. It graces the palate with flavors of vanilla bean, butterscotch, nutmeg, and buttery popcorn. Pair this special white wine with fried foods, Mozzarella, or Prosciutto.

2014 Aglianico di Taurasi D.O.C.G

The 2014 Aglianico di Taurasi is a big, bold wine with plenty of tannins and high acidity that must be properly aged so as to not cripple the palate. Today, this vintage drinks beautifully and brings notes of boysenberry, freshly cracked pepper, and soy to the palate. Because this wine is huge, it makes the perfect match with meat dishes such as lamb chops marinated in garlic, mint, thyme, and rosemary. Fun fact: this grape is also grown in Pompeii!

We hope you’ll get the chance to enjoy these delicious, authentic Italian imported wines. We feel lucky to be able to share our family’s love of wine and food with you and look forward to hosting you for a virtual tasting or at the Osteria for an outdoor meal very soon!