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Easy Homemade Pizza with Our DIY Pizza Kit

We’ve been bummed out over the fact that we can’t host you at our Osteria, for the time being, so we created a way to bring the Osteria to you! Introducing easy homemade pizza with our DIY Pizza Kits! You don’t need a pizza stone to cook the perfect pizza in the comfort of your own kitchen, so let us teach you all you need to know about creating a Domenico pie that makes you feel like you’re dining in the Osteria.

Step 1: Order a Domenico DIY Pizza Kit

We’ve made the first step to making easy homemade pizza simple for you! We’ll provide the pizza dough, mozzarella, and assorted toppings depending on which kit you choose. All you have to do is order online and either pick it up or have it delivered right to your doorstep. Choose between kits that make two or four pizzas. Instructions will be included for your pizza-making journey.

Step 2: Preheat your Oven and Prepare the Dough

Once you receive your DIY pizza kit and are ready to start cooking dinner, take a large sheet pan and place it in the center rack of your oven. Then, preheat your oven at 500° for one hour with the pan inside. This is your makeshift pizza stone! While your oven is preheating, it’s time to prepare the dough! Remove the dough from the fridge and let it sit for 20-30 minutes until it becomes room temperature. This ensures the gluten relaxes enough to make it easier to stretch.

Step 3: Set Up your Topping Station

To make easy homemade pizza, you need to set up your topping station before you start working your dough. In the pizza business, we call the cooked ingredients the “make line” and the cold ingredients the “finish line.” For example, the make line consists of ingredients such as sauce, mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, and salt, while the finish line consists of basil, oregano, arugula, EVOO, and grated Pecorino Romano. Once you have the topping station set up, dust your work surface with flour or a dusting mixture of half flour and half semolina.

Step 4: Open and Stretch the Dough

After dusting your work surface, carefully take your dough out of the box and place it on the sheet pan, parchment paper, or cutting board. You want the shape to stay as it was in the box as much as possible. Next, sprinkle the dusting mixture on top of the dough and carefully start creating an indentation around the edge of the dough. Then either place the dough over your knuckles and start stretching it in a circle, or grab the edges and let it stretch out itself. Check out some helpful methods here.

Step 5: Top the Dough

After you’ve stretched your dough to your desired shape, it’s time to add all of the delicious toppings. For most pizzas, we start with spreading the sauce on the dough with the back of a spoon, then add the cheese, then the rest of the toppings. There will be customized directions for the specific pizza kit you choose.

Finalmente: Bake, Slice, and Eat!

Once your easy homemade pizza has all the toppings you dream of, it’s time to pop that baby in the oven! Whatever surface your pie is on, give it a shake to make sure the dough isn’t sticking. If it is, but more of the dusting mixture between the surface and the pizza. Place the pizza in the oven and set your timer for six minutes. Check it after three minutes to make sure it’s not bubbling. If so, pop the bubbles. This sometimes happens if the dough wasn’t brought to room temperature.

After six minutes, check the pizza and rotate it 180° so it bakes evenly. Continue to bake for another five minutes or until the cheese is all melty and the crust is golden brown. After 10-12 minutes of baking, take the pizza out of the oven and place it on a cutting board. Slice it up and enjoy with your favorite bottle of Domenico wine!

Voila! You’ve successfully made an easy homemade pizza, al Domenico! We hope this kit provided a fun activity to do with your family during these times of staying at home.