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5 Best Wines for Memorial Day Weekend

Long weekends are the best, especially when there’s wine involved. Thankfully, there are wines to pair with your weekend plans no matter what they are. Wine comes in all styles, varietals, and flavors, giving you options whether you’re staying home or traveling far. And, with this list of 5 wines for Memorial Day weekend, you won’t have to think much when you head to the wine store.

Here are 5 Wines for Memorial Day Weekend to Try!

HAQ Brut Rosé

Hailing from the gorgeous region of Campania, the HAQ brut roséHAQ Brut Rosé is a sparkling wine with tons of character. Its made by Historia Antiqua, a family-run winery located in Irpinia, a gorgeous wine-producing region not far from the illustrious Amalfi Coast.

The HAQ is just what you want to pop open to celebrate a long holiday weekend. It’s bubbly, delicious, and pink! Made from Aglianico, the famous native red grape of the Campania region, HAQ has gorgeous floral aromas. And, it looks just gorgeous in the glass. Throw some berries in it if you’re serving it to kick off your Memorial Day party and guests will love it!

Pair this sparkling wine with any light appetizers or pasta salad.

Domenico Winery Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc may not be foreign to you. But, there’s a reason Domenico Winery’s Lodi Sauv Blanc makes thhe 5 best wines for Memorial Day list. It’s fresh and crisp, with hints of citrus and apples. While this Sauv Blanc is mineral and bright, it also has the fruitiness to make it even more drinkable. These qualities make this wine please all sorts of wine drinkers.

This Sauvignon Blanc tastes great with any cheese board, particularly with softer cheeses like camembert and goat cheese. You can also pair up this wine with seafood pasta or grilled shellfish. For us, nothing beats this Sauv Blanc paired with perfectly grilled shrimp on a beautiful summer day.

Domenico Winery Santa Cruz Pinot Noir

Memorial Day kicks off warmer weather and sunnier days. But, that doesn’t mean red wine has to be left behind. Red wineDomenico Pinot Noir surely fits into your summer plans, especially Pinot Noir. This lighter-bodied wine is great for weekend drinking. With flavors of cherries and raspberries, this Santa Cruz Pinot Noir has enough body to please red wine lovers but is still refreshing enough for hotter weather.

So, what to eat with this Pinot? Think grilled white meats like chicken or pork. You can even go more luscious like baked goat cheese, bacon-wrapped dates, or strawberries with cream. This Pinot goes well with appetizers through to dessert!

Historia Antiqua Fiano di Avellino

Another shining star from Italy, Fiano di Avellino will add flair to your Memorial Day weekend. Produced by Historia Antiqua, this Fiano is another fascinating indigenous varietal with so much character. It has been around for thousands of years, beyond when the Romans hung out in the Campania region.

Why Fiano makes it on this list is because of its unique character. It is a white wine with great acidity, minerality, and body. Fiano has a natural aroma of apples and hazelnuts without any aging whatsoever. These characteristics are how Fiano manages to charm so many people.

Fiano is medium-bodied, making it a fantastic food wine. It pairs wonderfully with seafood pasta or risotto, fried foods, and meatier fish. So, if you’re serving up a veggie and seafood-filled Memorial Day feast, Fiano is your best bet.

Of these 5 wines for Memorial Day weekend, do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear which one you sipped on to savor this holiday weekend ahead. Don’t be shy to share comments or post your bottle on social media! We love to see your love of wine.