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5 Perfect Halloween Wines

Costume for Halloween? Check. Now, what about your most important accessory – your wine?

When we think of Halloween, we think of monsters, candy corn, and pumpkins. Yet, the spookiest time of the year is also the greatest time for wine. And, not just any wine. Whether to bring to a Halloween bash or for sipping while the kids trick or treat, there are wines made for the season in their flavor, history, and bloody color.

Let’s explore all the Halloween wines from Domenico Winery that will make the perfect addition to your Halloween plans (and your favorite Halloween treats!)


5 Halloween Wines You Must Try


HAQ Spumante Rosé

When we think bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble, we think HAQ Spumante Rosé. It’s like a potion of your own – its magically pink color and easy drinkability can put anyone under a spell. Fortunately, you don’t need a book of magic spells and potions to create it. Just pop this sparkling bottle (safely) and pour it away into your Halloween chalice of choice.

So how does this potion taste? HAQ Spumante Rosé is very refreshing, with a floral and fruity character. It’s an excellent aperitif to kick off or close an epic Halloween party. That said, it goes easily with all courses, especially appetizers and desserts. Think mummies in a blanket or a pumpkin cheesecake!


Mambo Italiano

If there’s one fun food to make on Halloween, it’s Italian tomato sauce. Its flavor and smell are quite irresistible, whether you’re a mortal or a werewolf. Plus, its red color is rich enough to fool a vampire.

Fortunately, there’s a wine made to pair seamlessly with all the red sauce. Mambo Italiano goes with any of your favorite Italian tomato-based dishes. It’s a simple blend of grapes, paying homage to the classic table wines that graced Italian tables for centuries. Its easy-going yet bold flavors complement every bite of spaghetti. Also, this wine’s rich sanguine-like color in the glass will be the ideal accessory to your slasher, vampire, or even Adams family-themed costume.

Halloween Wine paired with dark chocolate

2018 Livermore Valley Merlot

Do you the origins of the word Merlot? It’s believed to come from the French word merle, which means blackbird, referring to the Merlot grape bunches’ dark color.

For centuries, blackbirds have been symbols of mystery and otherworldly things. Some even went so far as to believe that blackbirds were spiritual messengers, carrying omens, both good and bad. All of these details make Merlot one perfect Halloween wine, no?

Apart from all the mysticism of its name, Merlot makes a great wine for Halloween for its character. More specifically, the 2018 Livermore Valley Merlot is an awesome choice, with its rich and dark ruby color in the glass, suitable for Dracula or any bloodthirsty being. This Merlot is also a natural pairing for anything bloody – a medium rare steak, pasta with marinara sauce, or lamb chops. It also tastes wonderful with dark chocolate, especially with nuts.


2020 Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay

Halloween marks the descent out of apple season into pumpkin season. So, why not have a wine that pairs with these delicious seasonal foods?

Domenico Winery’s 2020 Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay is a lover of the autumn season, including all the apple and pumpkin-based dishes. With its creamy texture essenced with aromas of lemon and spice, this Chardonnay goes well with sweet and savory things. You can easily sip this chardonnay with homemade caramel apples or a jack-o-lantern themed-apple pie. And, don’t forget the vanilla ice cream. That will make this chardonnay shine as one of your Halloween wines.


Black Silk Ruby Dessert WineBlack Silk Dessert Wine

Love Halloween candy? Especially the chocolate ones? You’re not alone. It’s hard to resist all the sugar on Halloween. Why not level up all this chocolatey goodness with a dessert wine? Say hello to Black Silk, a port-inspired dessert wine that just adores chocolate.

Black Silk is an opulent dessert wine that will elevate your annual candy indulgence. It’s made with specific Portuguese grape varietals typically used to make port. The result is a full-bodied dessert wine with concentrated fruit, spice, and everything nice. Its silky finish will easily wash down all the milk and dark chocolate you love.

The spookiest time of the year only gets better with wine. With this list of Domenico Halloween wines, you will complement even the scariest costume with the best accessory out there – wine.

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