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Pairing Food with Domenico Wines

There’s nothing like the perfect wine pairing. That’s why we created a guide to pairing food with Domenico wines – there’s no better way to enjoy them!

Our mission is to provide mouthwatering wines and delicious foods that bring people together. So, we wanted to help you with pairing food with Domenico’s comfort wines. This way, you can have the best wine pairing whether you dine in or take out from our Osteria!

Polpette and 2015 Nero d’Avola Pairing

We’re starting off this salivating voyage with a Domenico staple. Therefore, we’re pairing our new release – the Polpette – with our 2015 Nero d’Avola. Our co-owner Gloria Chirichillo is famous for this meatball recipe. It features house-made meatballs, fresh Ricotta, San Marzano marinara sauce, and fresh basil served with freshly grilled bread.

This dish craves a big and bold wine. So, say hello to the 2015 Nero d’Avola. With aromas of ripe blackberries, cranberries, and herbs, this wine is the perfect match for a rich, meaty dish. Its seductive sweet qualities balance out everything in this dish. If you’re looking for the best of savory and sweet, this combination is for you.

Regina Pizza and the 2015 Negroamaro Pairing

The Regina pizza has made a triumphant return to the Domenico Osteria menu. That’s because this red pie is full of all the pizza love. It has a San Marzano tomato sauce base, with fresh burrata, mozzarella, basil, Parmigiano Reggiano, and cherry tomatoes. We suggest pairing this delicious pizza with a brand new wine to Domenico, the 2015 Negroamaro. We are delighted to share this wine that has a history as rich as its flavors.

Never tried Negroamaro? Let us introduce you!

Negroamaro is an ancient dark-skinned grape from the Puglia region in southern Italy. However, here in California, we’re also growing this Italian grape! Our Negroamaro is full of floral and raspberry aromas with a bit of nutmeg and dry herbs. It has a medium body with a pleasant toffee finish. Thus, it is the ultimate pairing for burrata. The two make for a smooth, almost sweet, marriage on the palate. Indulge in Italian decadence with this pairing — you won’t be disappointed.

Dark Chocolate Gelato and Black Silk Pairing

Certainly, a guide to pairing Domenico wines with food is not complete without dessert! So, we decided to go with a classic that’s hard to say no to – our dark chocolate gelato paired with Black Silk, Ruby Red Dessert Wine.

There’s no better way to end a savory meal than with double sweetness. Our simple and decadent homemade dark chocolate gelato serves as a fantastic match for Black Silk. This pairing is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without overpowering your palate.

Black Silk is a sweet dessert wine that brings aromas of fig, blackberry jam, and dried prunes with a mix of cardamom and sweet tobacco. As a result of its bold flavor and sugar content, Black silk has a very full body. On the palate, it reveals luscious flavors of chocolate mocha, raisins, and sandalwood that end with a long silky finish. Made from three Portuguese varietals, you can’t go wrong with this dessert pairing!





Pairing Food with Domenico Wines with Us

We hope this guide to pairing food with Domenico wines inspired your dinner plans tonight. Delighting in delicious food and high-quality wines is our favorite silver lining. We are so grateful to share them with you! Furthermore, if you decide you’d like to join us in person for dinner, both our indoor and outdoor dining are open at the Osteria. If you still aren’t comfortable eating out, no problem. We will continue to offer wine and food for pick up and delivery in addition to dining service.


We hope to see you soon. Saluti!