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Glass of Sirène rosé by the pool

5 Summer Wines to Put On Your Radar

Summer is just around the corner. With temperatures on the rise, we need to find the right wines to quench our thirst and fit our summer plans. As we know, wine makes the best accessory. Knowing the summer wines to drink can enhance any or all of your plans!

We picked out the 5 summer wines to have on your radar. There’s something for every wine drinker. Yes, that includes reds that are stunners in the summer, especially when paired with just the right environment and food.

Let’s Explore the 5 Summer Wines to Have on Your Radar!

2022 Pinot Grigio | Lodi

A match made in heaven for a summer salad, this Pinot Grigio goes with all the summer greens. Not only that, it will suit all of your summer plans. With a good chill, this Pinot Grigio is the perfect picnic, beach, or lake wine. The wine’s vibrant acidity and crisp citrus flavors make it easy to drink alone as an aperitif or with refreshing summer dishes, like a caprese sandwich or strawberry goat cheese salad.

2022 Sirène Rosé

We like to call this rosé aDomenico Winery Sirène Rosé gorgeous tropical vacation in a bottle. Domenico Winery’s 2022 Sirène Rosé is fresh and alive like a Caribbean breeze. It has a beautiful balance of summer berry and tropical fruit flavors – think strawberry, guava, and the refreshing bite of pineapple.

All of these elements make the Sirène rosé the ideal pick for your go-to summer appetizers. Its bright acidity makes it excellent to sip alone or with your favorite fried foods. We love this rosé with fried calamari dressed with a good squeeze of lemon or a spicy glaze. Of course, you can never go wrong with a side of marinara for dipping.

2019 Freisa | Tracy Hills

Domenico Winery Freisa Tracy HillsA unique Italian varietal, Freisa is a fresh red that makes one of the best summer wines. Its strawberry-driven flavors scream summer, along with its gorgeous acidity. This Freisa pairs wonderfully with mushrooms or grilled meats. Seafood lovers – this Freisa can even pair with a heftier fish such as seabass or swordfish, with a sticky glaze. Just make sure to give it a gentle chill before serving.

2017 Aglianico | Tracy Hills

You may not expect a robust redDomenico Winery Aglianico Tracy Hills on the summer wines list. But, this 2017 Aglianico will make an excellent guest at your next BBQ. It brings the body to the table though with elegant, earthy finesse. This Aglianico goes smoothly with a go-to cheeseburger or a perfectly aged steak. Its higher alcohol and juiciness make it a solid pick for a summer evening. Even more perfect of an ambiance would be a BBQ at dusk, by the sea or lake with a lovely breeze. 

And, if you are a lover of smoked meats, you are absolutely in luck. This wine is a match made in heaven for brisket and smoked sausage, no matter the smoking wood you prefer.

2018 Late Harvest Riesling 

Domenico Winery Late Harvest RieslingNow, you can’t say summer without dessert. Throw this bottle of late-harvest Riesling in the fridge for a nice chill, and watch as it enhances the flavors of your favorite fruity summer desserts.

Domenico Winery’s late harvest riesling is blossoming with apricot and floral aromas. Its orange blossom honey-like flavor goes amazingly with vanilla gelato, berry trifle, or lemon sorbet. It goes well with any dessert with luscious cream (like Chantilly or custard) and fruit.

Feeling ready for summer? With this list of Domenico Winery 5 summer wines, you will sail into the season with every festivity feeling like a vacation. And, if you need any more support in picking out the right wine, do not hesitate to reach out to the Domenico staff. They are always willing to offer their wine expertise. You can reach them by email, Instagram, or by stopping into their Osteria and Tasting Room!