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TTB Recognizes Colorino as California Wine Grape: Domenico Winery Celebrates Petition Success

Domenico Winery has accomplished a milestone for the California wine community – the name approval of Colorino, a legendary Italian grape variety, by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Previously, Colorino was not recognized by California consumer protection’s department of the TTB. Every California winery must go through the Certificate Of Label Approval process before retail sale. For Domenico Winery to label Colorino as a single variety, they needed to petition for the grape to be recognized as a California wine grape by the TTB. After completing exhaustive paperwork, Domenico’s oenologist and assistant winemaker Natalie was able to secure administrative approval of varietal designation. This is a particular success, as it makes Domenico the first California winery to label and sell Colorino, with regulatory approval.

This approval is a special moment for the California winemaking industry, as Colorino is a rare Italian grape that carries centuries of history with it.

What is Colorino?

Colorino is a wine, heralding from the Tuscany region of Italy. It has long lived in the shadow of Sangiovese, as Colorino was and still is used in many Chianti wine blends. Still, it boasts its own character, and can be made into a monovarietal wine, and a delicious one. Colorino wine’s are known for their color (given the name) – in the glass, Colorino has an attractive deep color with aromas of cherries and dark fruits.

Domenico Winery will debut its first Colorino wine on June 1st, with availabllity to purchase the bottle online or in their Osteria. Those who join the Domenico wine club will have special access to Colorino and other future special releases from the winery.

Domenico’s Dedication to Promoting and Protecting Unique Italian Grapes 

The Colorino’s name approval is a reflection of Domenico Winery’s continuing  dedication to preserving their Italian heritage and promoting the planting of Italian varietals. Before this approval, many California wineries were unable to sell or promote their Colorino wines, with many forced to pull their wines from shelves or face fines. With winemaker Domenico Chirichillo’s passion to promote Cal-Italia wines and the Domenico team’s perseverance, this reality is no more.