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Spooky Season Sensations

Domenico Wines Paired with Halloween Candy Favorites

The spookiest weekend of the year is here, and we’re gearing up for an unforgettable night of reawakening our senses in honor of the Blue Hunter’s Moon. If you’re still looking for Halloween night plans, check out REAWAKEN: an Immersive Dining Experience. You’ll be served a delicious multi-course meal paired perfectly with Domenico wines, while experiencing incredibly spooky entertainers (think aerialists, violinists, live painting), candle-lit tarot card readings, and more! You can view the menu and get tickets here

With that, we’re here to present you with three Domenico wines paired with Halloween candy favorites. So grab your pumpkin baskets and wine openers and enjoy! 

2018 Santa Cruz Chardonnay and Peach Rings

Let’s start off with a fruity, tangy, and tantalizing pairing – our 2018 Santa Cruz Chardonnay paired with Peach Rings. You’ll enjoy delicate aromas of pear, melon, and hazelnut, with a touch of butterscotch followed by a crisp minerality on the palate and a creamy honey finish. The texture and flavors of this wine balance the light sugar coating and super sweet peach flavors of the Peach Rings, making for a fantastic way to reawaken your senses and start Halloween off on the right foot!

2018 Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel and KitKats

Next, we’re featuring a classic Halloween candy staple with a new addition to the Domenico portfolio – the 2018 Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel paired with KitKats. Deep, dark, and mysterious, this Zin offers bold aromas of plum and cherry. Followed by sprinkles of toffee, cigar box, and spicy black pepper, this richly textured wine’s partner in crime is the KitKat. The KitKat’s milk chocolate outer coating and crunchy wafer core melt in your mouth and combine wonderfully with the spicy notes of Zinfandel. So, break off a piece of that KitKat bar and indulge in this decadent pairing.

Black Silk Ruby Red Dessert Wine and 100 Grand Bars 

To finish off this unique wine and food pairing menu, we’re featuring the often overlooked and unnecessarily underrated 100 Grand Bar paired with our popular Black Silk Ruby Red Dessert Wine. A 100 Grand Bar is a chocolate bar filled with crisped rice and caramel elements that pair beautifully with Black Silk’s notes of blackberry jam, cardamom, sweet tobacco, and luscious flavors of raisins, mocha, and sandalwood. The crisped rice and savory caramel complement the sweetness of this full-bodied, Port-inspired wine – making this pair not just 100 grand, but priceless. 

We hope these spooky sensations have you in the mood for the mystery and excitement this Halloween weekend will bring! Let us know what your favorite Domenico wine and Halloween candy pairings are by sharing them with us on Instagram, and tagging us in your photos and stories here.