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November 10, 2017 | Domenico Winery

3 Wines for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Wine

Thanksgiving means getting together with friends and family to share in the earth’s bounty (also known as overeating) and recognize the things we are thankful for in life (also known as wine).

Pairing the perfect wine with the meal of the year can be daunting—the options are as endless as the plate combinations! And while there’s not one single wine that could stand up from appetizers through dessert, we’ve chosen three of our go-to favorites to pair along the way.

White wine

Although fall has us craving heavier white wines, your usual go-to choice of Chardonnay isn’t the most appropriate wine to invite to the Thanksgiving table. Heavy oak influence can clash with the rich, savory notes of the meal you’ve slaved over all day. If you’re serving white wine, opt for floral, fruity, and ultimately refreshing. Our Viognier is the perfect wine to take your guests from appetizers through the main course, where the turkey will highlight the wine’s fruitier notes.

Try this: 2014 Amador County Viognier

Red Wine

Syrah and Cranberries

Although it might feel more logical to pair white wine with poultry, Thanksgiving also calls for vibrant reds that were born to be paired with food. Near the top of our food-friendly red wine list lies Syrah. This varietal is strong and spicy, with a light berry brightness on the palate. This wine can handle everything from a sausage-heavy stuffing to a tart cranberry sauce and will add more complexity to the cornucopia of flavors already on your table. Sip, sip, Syrah!

Try this: 2012 Amador County Syrah

Dessert Wine

Black Silk Dessert Wine

After the turkey has been gobbled, pie becomes the star of the Thanksgiving show. Whether you’re looking for something to complement that rich, sweet pecan pie, or replace it altogether, dessert wines like port or sherry are a perfect choice. Since traditional pies (like pumpkin) tend to be more savory than sweet, they need a wine that is silky, smooth, and not too heavy. Our full-bodied Black Silk Ruby Red dessert wine holds up to the weight and flavors of any pie.

Try this: Black Silk Ruby Red Dessert Wine from Lodi


Now, go on and celebrate with the ones you love. ‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be thankful!


Time Posted: Nov 10, 2017 at 2:44 PM
Domenico Winery
November 3, 2017 | Domenico Winery

Cal-Ital Wine 101

Italians were among the first to immigrate to California, and even more specifically to San Francisco. Along with their culture, food, and romantic language, Italians brought their knack for agriculture, which meant one especially great thing for California—Italian wine.

But where is all the Italian wine now? Once referred to as the “Cal-Ital” wine movement, Italian wine made in an American style, the production of Italian varietals slowed down once winemakers realized how difficult Italian grapes are to produce. Enter Domenico: our family-owned urban winery specializing in Cal-Italia winemaking.


There are many legends surrounding the origins of the illustrious Primitivo, such as its relation to Zinfandel, but one thing is for sure: it’s delicious. While Primitivo and Zinfandel are genetically similar, they produce quite different wines. Estate grown and full-bodied, our California Primitivo is a complex, lush, and juicy varietal with the ability to be aged for years to come.


Barbera has long been considered the wine of the people, and is meant to be consumed young. While the Italian counterpart is grown in Mediterranean conditions, the warmer California sun makes for a fine wine with flavors of cherry, raspberry, and spice. Enjoy Barbera with rich or fatty foods, the perfect complement to the wine’s bright acidity!


The grape responsible for the more well-known wines of Barolo and Barbaresco, Nebbiolo is an especially difficult grape to grow—so much so, that there are only around 100 planted acres of it in California! Grown in California’s Nebbiolo hotspot, Amador County, our 100% Nebbiolo pairs with the heaviest of stews, pasta, or your Thanksgiving turkey.


Bright and fruit-forward, California Dolcetto is among the friendliest of food wines. Literally meaning “little sweet,” Dolcetto is recognizable by its low acidity and cheek-puckering tannin. Dolcetto is young and fun—the perfect bottle to open with friends!

Want more Italian varietals? Visit our San Carlos tasting room Saturdays and Sundays to taste what we have on deck. Cheers!


Time Posted: Nov 3, 2017 at 2:12 PM
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