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Let Us Entertain You with Interactive Wine Experiences!

Meritage Blending Seminar create your own winning blend

Whether you are an oenophile (someone who appreciates wine) or a wine-curious novice, sharpen your palate and gain an intimate appreciation for why blending is considered the highest art-form in winemaking with Domenico’s wine blending classes. During your 90-minute session, the Domenico team will guide you through the same steps that professionals use to determine what final blend goes into bottle. Your hands-on experience begins by evaluating several Bordeaux varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot for aromatics, flavor and texture. The art of wine blending is practiced to increase the potential of the wine in terms of color, aroma, mouth feel, and finish. You'll then use this knowledge to create a few of your own unique blends...then go home with a bottle of your favorite blend. The Ultimate Team Building Event mission: to create an award-winning wine. Break into groups and compete; develop a brand name, a marketing strategy, a label design, and create that award-winning blend. 2 hour activity.

Blind Tasting Challenge put your palate to the test

With this interactive wine tasting activity, you'll start off with a short quiz to test your wine knowledge. Then, strengthen your aroma vocabulary and learn how to identify aromas commonly found in wine by using our aroma wheel and scent bottles. Now for the challenge: work as individuals or in groups to identify six different varietals of red and white wines. The person or team who correctly identifies the most varietals will take home a bottle of wine of their choice.  2 hour activity.


Bottle a Barrel of Wine with your own custom label

Has your company been looking for an exciting outlet for business entertainment?  A new appreciation gift for clients or employees, or the perfect idea for a team building event? Domenico’s “Bottle Your Own” is already a favorite of CEO's from Fortune 500 companies, stock brokers, doctors, lawyers, and office employee groups.  Our special corporate packages will provide a memorable experience your company can enjoy for the entire year!  Participate in the final phase of winemaking: bottling wine with your own corporate logo or personalized label. Fees based on varietal selection. Quarter-barrel minimum. Quarter barrel yields 72 bottles or 144 splits. 2 hour activity. Great as an addition to other activities!

Wine & Cheese Pairing tantalize your palate

Swirl, Sniff and Sip as you and your guests casually stroll through the winery to four wine tasting stations.  Sip wines of your choice that are paired with imported cheeses and artisan breads, and visit a dessert station where you will sample our Ruby Red dessert wine paired with a dark chocolate treat.  Domenico staff educates you on the different varietals and the fundamentals behind pairing wine with cheese. Also enjoy a barrel sample of what’s sure to be a future award-winning wine, soon to be released. 1 hour activity. Great as an addition to other activities!

Private Cooking Parties and Culinary Competitions

​Gathering together to cook and enjoy good food and great wine creates a natural and easy way for any group to interact with a common focus. No more nervously standing around the punch bowl!  Every event is custom designed for each client. The common theme for all events is hands-on/interactive cooking alongside professional chefs, paired with award-winning Domenico wines. Although you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a cooking party, the engaging experience makes an extra special celebration, holiday or birthday party, family reunion or anniversary. Cooking parties are also a perfect way for families and friends to get to know each other at rehearsal dinners, wedding showers and bachelor(ette) parties.

Domenico provides the venue, ambiance and wine while one of our catering partners provides the chefs, food and aprons. Your team works together to create this fun and interactive experience. Please contact Executive Chef Events, Hands on Gourmet, or Parties That Cook to make arrangements for the cooking portion of your event.  They will coordinate with us for the venue and beverage portion of your event. 3 hour activity.

Riedel Glass Workshop taste the difference a glass makes

Here’s the chance to experience something truly unique. Conducted by a highly-trained Riedel (pronounced “ree-dle”, rhyming with “needle”....not “rye-dell”) representative, experience how the shape of a glass affects the experience of every sip. This 90 minute workshop includes the opportunity to savor four different varietals from our superb collection of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon, and their matching stemware. The wines are transferred into each glass to illustrate how the aromas and flavors of the wine change from glass to glass. Participants receive a set of Riedel Vinum stemware to take home (Retail Value: $125).  Date availability needs to be confirmed with Riedel. 2 hour activity.

For pricing and availability, please submit an inquiry through our online form. For a 3D Tour click HERE.

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