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Handcraft Your Own Award-winning Wine in 4 Easy, Fun Sessions:

Session 1: De-stem & Crush | Scheduled between September and November you de-stem and crush the grapes into your private vat, learn how to adjust the must and initiate primary fermentation.

Session 2: Pressing | Scheduled between September and November (usually 10 - 12 days after crush / once the wine has moved through the primarty fermentation) you will learn wine-pressing, preparation and filling the barrels.

Session 3: Racking Scheduled between January and February your session will include racking of the wine, removal of sediment and topping off your barrel.

Session 4: Bottling | Scheduled July 2018.....Your work is complete!  Now it is time to bottle your wine, affix your customized labels, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You also have the option of Reserving your wine; keeping it in barrel for an additional year. 

While the four-session process highlights your hands-on participation, winemaking involves careful fermentation steps and frequent monitoring which is handled by our staff from start to finish.


Enjoy the fruits of your labor...bring some cheese & charcuterie to enjoy with your friends while sampling your wine.

We look forward to making possible a tradition of winemaking... and the creation of memories for you and yours!

Salute per Cent'anni! (Health for a 100 years!)

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